A Surprise and February Workday

C Damage Preparation w28th Feb was the scheduled workday. But a few days before that, the “Men in Red”  visited. The Bushdoctor arrived with a fantastic motorised wheelbarrow to repair some recent stormwater damage.

A large section of previously un-supported, fragile headwall was washed out of the drainage line, with resultant silt mobilisation and worries about further damage from the next storm, or just from regular flows in the creek. Using all the remaining stockpile of rocks on site, the red demons excavated, shaped and armoured the whole section in just one day.

D Damage Repaired 26th Feb2015 w

So, this is what it looked like when the group arrived for work on Saturday.

A little more work to do to finish this off and much more work to do in the immediate surrounding area, but this flow line has always been a worrying piece of the rehabilitation jigsaw.

So with this major item looked after, a lot of weeding and general maintenance was undertaken upstream on a very pleasant day for working.