Upcoming Community Event

A Special Planting Day for the Birds of Popes Glen

Will be held on April 25 to begin creating habitat for all the small birds now visiting Popes Glen.

From Weedy Wasteland to Thriving Wetland

Over the past 12 years PGBG has progressively removed the forest of huge willows and other weeds from the large silt flat at the headwaters of Popes Glen creek. We’ve been replacing them with local wetland plants and putting in structures to control flooding and storm damage. An environmental desert is being turned into a thriving permanent wetland!

Making a Home for Birds

Golden Whistler (photo Paul Vale)

Golden Whistler (photo Paul Vale)

A wonderful spin-off is the large number of small birds, some species unusual or rare in the Upper Mountains, who now visit the wetland. They are using our piles of woody debris as habitat, but these will decay into the swamp over the next few years.  Now is the time for planting of dense vegetation thickets to create permanent habitat for these small birds.

The First Bird Habitat Planting Day

  • Will be held on Saturday April 25, 10am – 1pm
  • Planting about 300 tubestock.
  • No experience or tools needed.
  • BYO morning tea.

All community members are welcome, but numbers are limited so contact Alan to register and for details:   alan.lane@zeta.org.au    Ph 4787 7097