This page contains links to various publications relating to Popes Glen Bushcare Group, the Popes Glen Worksite and general information that might be useful to other Bushcare and Landcare groups.


Our New Book “Decades of Healing”
(the Popes Glen Bushcare Group Story) has now been published.

This is the inspiring story of how the Popes Glen Bushcare Group, supported by their local Council and grants from the Environmental Trust of NSW, turned a highly degraded peri-urban creek, silt flat and willow forest into a wetland filled with native vegetation, birds and frogs – a thriving Blue Mountains Swamp.

With over 100 pages of informative descriptions and photographs “Decades of Healing” details how commitment, patience and adaptive management were used to tackle a seemingly impossible challenge and bring about environmental change.

“The project is a great demonstration of the influence that community champions and volunteers can have on effecting positive environmental change… this project continues to exceed expectations…”
Project Reviewer for the Environmental Trust of New South Wales.

Greater Sydney Landcare Network Inc. (GSLN) has published the book and it is available through bookfunnel in pdf, MOBI (for Kindle readers) and EPUB formats via the link below.

Popes Glen Bushcare Group is a group member of Greater Sydney Landcare Network. For more information on GSLN go to

This is an article published in the journal of Ecological Management & Restoration (EMR) on revegetation.

And a related article published in EMR on stormwater management.

Birdlife in Blackheath is a small brochure about Popes Glen website and our bird habitat projects.
Birdlife in Blackheath

This is a web-sized copy – if you would like a print-quality copy of this brochure or the companion below, please request via our email address

A companion brochure on more general bird habitat creation and maintenance in the Blue Mountains area is also available.
Bird and Plants Blue Mountains

Sharing Bushcare Energy video interviews are now available for viewing on Greater Sydney Local Land Services YouTube library. The interviews include Alan Lane talking about Popes Glen and Paul Vale talking on Popes Glen and wider issues. You can also see other Bushcare volunteer interviews and a clip about South Lawson Bushcare. Click this link to see the choices.

Sharing Bushcare Energy Videos